Lady Dissident

December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods Degenerate Sexual Appetite and Personality: The Sensation of Mental Illness

When Jeffrey Dahmer a killer and sex offender, went on a killing spree cooking, eating, and mutilated black bodies, black people recognized this as a degenerate and criminal act. Even though there was evidence that neighbors could smell the decaying flesh wafting through the air, greeting nostrils during the dinner hour for long periods of time before the authorities on these matters arrive to remove Dahmer and his secrets. . . Furthermore, blacks celebrated when Dahmer was murdered in prison.

But Tiger Woods is just another black man with a fever?:  Driving an appetite for white bodies, clown faces, and high heel shoes.  And black people, particularly black women are upset that another financially secured and yet morally devoid, ethnically/identity insecure black male decided to spend/send George Washington his extra dough on the coochy of degenerate white women–They, black women, blacks are outrage, hurt, confused, again?

–There is a cultural shock here or an embarrassment that black people have hid behind the Tiger for another glorified icon, pushing the mail carrier and schoolteacher to scum status again; preferring glitz and glamour to sensibility and stability? Oh, but to numerous black people money is stability despite what you may do to get it. Really, no? Yes, and although the Tiger stated numerous times that he was not black and went so far as to create through removal and dissection a specific and particular name just for himself, Cablinasian, black people in small numbers were offended but the majority enjoyed and secretly cooed about the possibility that this degenerate scoundrel may have created another name for Nigger, Negro, Coon, African American, Buck, Slave, Minority, and all of the other caste and exploits that Blacks have been called; while in denial they hide behind and under weaves, skin bleaching creams, and plastic surgery, and languish each night before midnight drooling over what new thing they can buy so that the dross of negritude does not stink up the planet [sic] Ok. And the Tiger, was always in this quasi league above Michael Jordon and Michael Jackson and the other degenerates, who shoot ball and pussy down faster than the speed of light ( is this not what they were bred to do right in black communities?[ There is no such thing as a black community, people; you mean your black home]): Because the Tiger had emerged black skinned and entered the white man’s game of golf, winning. . .Making people that truly feel ugly, happy that another so-called black man has his balls in his hand.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett (1862-1931) tried to break the complexities of white women and black men down but who was listening back then and who is listening now. At least the Tiger did not get a noose around his neck for doing what comes natural to some of these women– white women have truly come to grips with their true selves and the lust for black bodies:  In open competition for something black women have evidently failed to hold onto in the confines of their private space.  Perhaps only white women can tame a Tiger.   And perhaps truly gifted black women have grown tired of taming the Tigers roaming around the neighborhoods? After-all even when these degenerates are let loose to roam, they often kill, cheat, embezzle, extort, rape, mutilate, rob, outside of the confines of black and brown women; and call it racism while counting their millions/billions.  “It’s Time for Some Football.”

Although he does not have the thick braided cord visible around his neck– The media hounds are chopping at the jaws, and the smell of lynching is musty between the air. . .Billie Holiday, is this,  particular Tigers’ fruit, Strange?

These relationships are not new and they are not very difficult to understand. Some relationships I am sure are mutually and equitable stabilizing for those people entering into them, for the reasons they entered them in the first place to be stabilized from something unstable in them.

The Degenerate behavior of men such as the Tiger; and blacks that portend that they are hurt (the Omen); and surprise over many black males inability to stay and achieve with black women is what is shocking. There are degenerates’ like the Tiger running kaons’ in and out of black homes, neighborhoods, families. The scar is–that blacks just do not recognize what is degenerate when it is sitting in their backyards. Tiger is portraying a behavior, and one that is classified as mentally ill and criminal at that. Let us consider this and not construe the fact that there are now and counting 14, possibly more white women who are disclosing the privates of the Tiger. For those that are trying to declassify him into a sex addict–he is suffering from something much deeper–He has deep identity issues that truly evolved when people of color fragment due to a failure to bond and recognize their legacy/history in the mirror.  It must be awful to face the mirror and believe that your entire life–you have been raised to be a white man–to find out that at best you are truly regulated in this society to a buck–despite your  green bucks–America glorifies the black buck more than the golf game.  Otherwise, you would not have men who should be of prestige–squander and filth the way too many black men do with their money and lives.  You hate yourself to want every white woman in the world to console your inability to deal with your blackness! And you hate every black woman because she makes you remember her inability to deal with her own identity!  What torment it must have been to live inside a house where a black daddy and an Asian mother self-hated until you saw yourself as a different race(race:  a social construct that is a fallacy, make believe, myth).  And there, a grown man with ebony skin–cannot see Africa, not even in the melanin baked onto his scrotum.  Do we have to wonder what doll Tiger would have picked up at the tender age of two only a few more years before his identity was truly mastered–the white doll, or the black one? What caste indoctrination and self-hate was done to create the Tiger’s around us. . .A man that destroys himself, willingly, a personality based on no laws.

Another learn:  anyone that you have a relationship with, bring into your confides of friendship–you become responsible for the sharing and securing of their well-being. To publicly expose your thug-like mentality as a public figure, father, parent, political leader, role model, etc. you are suffering from a personality that is diseased. A behavior that is criminal–why, because to knowingly risk the repercussions of ridicule, punishment, in this case finance, diseases–for desires, gratification, the goods–you are just a Thug criminal in a put-together package being sold off to the world as a shining star. Lap milk for blacks. Only a criminal would rob a bank when the guard has a gun to shoot him–and a criminal personality must have a plan–that is right–a plan to commit the crime. No criminal conducts a crime without a plan–it does not matter how stupid the crime is, or how ill prepared he/she is; they planned something even if it was how they were going to go inside the building; what they were going to write on the stick-up note to the teller at the stick-up point. In addition, did not the Tiger call one of his degenerate females and warn her that the heist and the shiest was expose and to remove her name from her cell phone. He is not only a major player in his caper, but he is a disillusioned thug criminal–to trust, to behoove a false security in which he would believe that his co-conspirators would not expose him in the moment of lifting themselves above the game. Is the Tiger a rational man, or is he just another degenerate black thug perpetrating and penetrating degenerated white women who share his same values and criminal personality? If you look into the history of these women, you will find that they all have exposed their true characters well before they snared the Tiger in his own trap, tramp, and trash. Can you imagine what damage he would do to a black woman who is the least among men in the glorification of women–he would never pay you off girl with money! You would be in the welfare line and tripping with your weave on backwards! He would rob the last visage of your humanity and sanity–because he was raised to hate–hate the blackness.  And every person of color who has not as of yet stop self-hating–will raise up another Tiger, despite affluence and education, lines of demarcation and tree-less lined streets.

The secret:  black women will moan that another white woman robbed the shocking number of unmarried, never married, and too many babies, and diseased, poor, identity ridden, degenerate black women from a good man. Yes for those type of black women the Tiger is your predatory black male–yes predatory male is a criminal terminology–and his MO is to prey on whatever weakness that satisfies his inability to adjust his self-hatred and lack of justices. –Eventually these men will turn your children, particularly, your sons into predatory males too,  just by sleeping in your bed. Fact. Ok. So do not take it too hard, the shock of hearing it straight without a chaser–just look at your family, the prisons, and your schools and you will see them all lined up to prey/pray.  They are coming. . .(Predatory males in low income neighborhoods, prey on poor, uneducated, welfare mothers, typically without social mobility or economic status/protection; look at the waitress and porn circus of Tiger; a man with money).

Stop the cover-up:  and we can solve the Tiger’s issues along with some others. A thug such as the Tiger is not attracted to strong and spiritual women of any ethnic background. He is a fragmentation of an imagination–he is a fantasy–he is not real, nor is he whole enough to cope with the immeasurable task of being a loving father and positive role model. Do not forget that the men who are prepared for this task, most women do not give them the time of day; they do not have the mil to fake you out of your mind. Women like men like the Tiger, and women who are just like the Tiger, will always seek thrills, drama, destruction, and the illusions of womanhood to gain their next meal/mil ticket. You can despise these women for our society created them from the same mold that made the Tiger profess he was not black; they told them instead that they can have everything base on the fact that they are white women; and they consume, and materialize, until they are destroying white families and black families. These women have no more interest in their cultural roots, their offspring, than the Tiger.  One these women are takers, and men like the Tiger are fakers.  And so yes, it is well known that criminals collaborate with other criminals. These women have degenerate sexual appetites just like their co-conspirator, the Tiger. And for all of those women who are crying over the Tiger, and praying that he will one day come back home, you are degenerate for believing that you can change anyone, but yourself.

Tiger is another thug in disguise:  he wears suits, he wears sports wear, he carries a gulf club–that is the only disguise he has and if clothes still create the illusion of wellness and stability, yes, black people still have a long way to go in demanding a higher level of recognition and standards than imagery. Take off Tigers mask and you will only see, 50 Cents, and the rest of the degenerate boy-males who were once prey– who in return are only displaying the outcome of their own psychological ills. It is time to take the covers off the mirror instead of the white sheets.

Below you will find some definitions from Dictionary to describe exactly who Tiger Wood’s is:

Sell-Out: (I thought this definition of sell-out fit the Tiger so well, the black degenerate personality is just like the stock market and the exchange of goods for services; and like a deal gone wrong where you can no longer bargain for security and again you and all that you have are back on the auction block; this is mental illness)

1. When a broker or investor buying stocks has failed to settle the trade in a timely manner and, as a result, the broker can forcibly sell the securities on the investor’s behalf.

2. A person who compromises his or her personal values, integrity, talent, or the like, for money or personal advancement.


1. To fall below a normal or desirable level in physical, mental, or moral qualities; deteriorate: The morale of the soldiers degenerated, and they were unable to fight.

2. To diminish in quality, esp. from a former state of coherence, balance, integrity, etc.: The debate degenerated into an exchange of insults.

3. Pathology. To lose functional activity, as a tissue or organ.

Have some pride people and mix in some humanity with it!


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